We created an innovative project for individual customers concerning aluminum solutions for homes. The trends in modern architecture that promote creating large-dimensioned windows and doors of complicated shapes are our inspiration. The social awareness of solutions based on green energy is also very significant in our times, especially with regard to residential buildings. Due to modern technologies aluminum is perfect for constructing energy efficient buildings that may reflect even the most futuristic and daring visions of designers and users.

Oknaaluminiowe.pl is dedicated to individual customer service, nationwide sales chain, which brings together leading aluminum manufacturers, service technicians and fitters.

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Jeśli potrzebujecie chemii budowlanej, to tylko firmy SIKA Poland!

Jeśli potrzebujecie chemii budowlanej, to tylko firmy SIKA Poland!

W ostatnich dniach na mapie polski pojawiło się kilka nowych salonów funkcjonujących pod szyldem Oknaaluminiowe.pl. Cały czas dążymy do tego, aby kompleksowo obsłużyć jak największe grono klientów indywidualnych.

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fisherpolska supports Oknaaluminiowe.pl!

We are coming back after the weekend with good news! Another company, a producer of subassemblies necessary...

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The Oknaaluminiowe.pl chain has joined the "Good Fitting" campaign!

Our chain has joined the partners of educational campaign "Good Fitting". The 4th edition of the campaign has...

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Mission / Vision / Values

Education and professional service

We are creating the website and the network oknaaluminiowe.pl convinced that our services are not only a remedy to stricter and stricter requirements set for residential architecture, but also they are an answer to growing needs of the demanding consumers who intentionally select the top quality products.

Our mission is education and customer service at each stage of cooperation, starting with the information provided by our advisors, through selection, production and fitting of products, to after sale care and service.

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Guarantee of reliability

The longest warranty

The guarantee of reliability and top quality of the broadly understood aluminium joinery are leading producers of subassemblies used for production and fitting, which have been operating on the market for many years. Their experience and scrupulousness contribute to the users' comfort and prestige of the products.

The warranty for components and final products of windowsaluminiowe.pl includes not only the longest period of the market but also the widest range! Moreover, systematic periodic inspections carried out by Authorized Fitters may extend that period by several more years!

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