How to take care of lacquered aluminium surfaces?

Maintenance of painted aluminium is not limited to cleaning and maintenance of the surface. It also includes other operations that may affect or damage the surface, such as transportation or fitting.  The persons responsible for condition of the surface during transportation and fitting are the Authorised Fitters and employees of the chain, who completed appropriate training.

What should be done to preserve the colour for many years once the construction is completed?

First of all, it is necessary to carry out an appropriate maintenance treatment.
1. Before cleaning it is necessary to make sure that the cleaning agent we are planning to use will not change the colour or damage the surface. We should perform a test on a small part of the surface.
2. All stains and dirt visible on the surface should be cleaned without delay.
3. If any loose dirt particles collect on painted surfaces it is necessary to remove the dirt with a sponge moistened with water.
4. If the above method fails, use soft brush or delicate cloth and a neutral, mild detergent for use in households or for washing cars. Apply in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Rinse the washed surfaces thoroughly with water.
5. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE (!) steel wool, scrapers, abrasive paper, liquids or powders for scrubbing as they will make permanent scratches on the painted surfaces. 
6. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE (!) strong solvents and alkaline or acidic cleaning agents.
7. It is not recommended to use hard water to clean the surfaces. The mineral content of hard water may cause discolouration and result in permanent damages.
8. Don't clean painted elements if their surface is hot due to direct exposure to sunlight.
9. In case of coating with special effects (e.g. metallic, matt) avoid any rubbing or polishing. Depending on the type of effect the result may be: discolouration, change of colour, damage or visible change of the shine on the surface.


Depending on conditions and environment where the surfaces are used, the external layer should be taken care of:
- in normal conditions - every 12 months
- in maritime areas and/or in an industrial environment - every 3 months
- in case of swimming pools - every 3 months.