Guarantee of reliability

We specialise in production of goods that meet the strictest technical requirements and fulfil the needs of most demanding customers. We want the brand to be considered as a trustworthy and reliable partner. Each of the authorised points of sale, fitter and producer in our chain presents the same, best possible standard of customer service.

The guarantee of reliability and top quality of the broadly understood aluminium joinery are leading producers of subassemblies used for production and fitting, which have been operating on the market for many years. Their experience and scrupulousness contribute to the users' comfort and prestige of the products. Our products are produced and fitted on the basis of::
- Yawal S.A. aluminium systems,
- ROTO windows fittings,
- IGP Pulvertechnik powder and structural paint ,
- Wala Sp. z o.o. fittings for panel doors
-  HAUTAU fittings for terrace doors
- fisherpolska fixing systems

Our authorised fitters are equipped with the following items:
- PROLINE hand tools,
- Lahti Pro protective clothing.

The warranty for components and final products of includes not only the longest period of the market but also the widest range! Moreover, systematic periodic inspections carried out by Authorized Fitters may extend that period by several more years!

More information on the warrantee is provided in the Service and Warrantee tab.

When selecting the products of our brand in our authorised point of sale, ask about the certificates and recommendations proving our reliability:
- CE mark that guarantees safety of the structure,
- declaration of performance,
- ISO quality certificates,
- fire safety certificate.