HAUTAU joined the Partners of the program!


Our program is developing quickly. Recently we have informed about opening of the first Authorised Points of Sale, and today we can take pride in another potentate on the window joinery market accessing our program. This time Hautau - specialist in fittings for overhung sliding terrace doors  has joined the group of Strategic Partners of

Hautau - a brand of building hardware- was founded in 1910 and up to present times all the systems are designed, manufactured and sold solely as quality fittings. All fittings are manufactured in production plants located in Germany.

The company is divided into four basic operational fields:
- research and development,
- designing of tools,
- production of tools
- building of machines for special purposes.

The products made by Hautau are characteristic with consistently high quality. The company is making further investments is new technologies and solutions, paying great attention to functionality of the offered products and to timely deliveries.