New system of paints resistant to scratches: IGP-DURA®face 5807


Surface scratches are not only a visual defect, the consequences may be very profound. A deep scratch that penetrates too far into the coating may result in technical defect. The coating surface thereby loses its protective properties and the surface is exposed to environmental influences.

In the life cycle of the powder coated elements there are many situations that may potentially impair the perfectly smooth surface. Frequently the damage occurs before the product is delivered to the user or just during the usage. In consequence the production plants using powder paints and the final users have indicated the need for increased protection of coated surfaces.

In addition to weathering resistance and corrosion, resistance to scratches is one of the most demanded properties of paints. The new formula makes the powder coatings more resistant to abrasive particles, and at the same time maintains optimal properties of the surface and flow. The aesthetics and functionality of the coated objects are sustainably safeguarded. The final user receives improved coating resistance, equal to optimising the usability of the product and therefore keeping its original properties for longer. Vast product mix and great palette of available colours of the facade series IGP-DURA®face 5807 silk gloss have been improved to obtain better resistance to scratches.

The surfaces in use are:
– resistant to scratches,
– resistant to abrasion,
– easy to maintain.

Conscious material selection
A low environmental impact is a very important issue for IGP, even as early as the material selection stage for powder coating formulation to maintain low environmental impact.IGP Pulvertechnik AGis in possession of an internationally recognised environmental product declaration in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14025 and EN15804 for the product group IGP-DURA®face 5807. Consequently the statements regarding the ecological quality of the products are available for the entire palette of colours for building labels such as LEED or DGNB.

Resistance in perfect harmony with aesthetics and weathering resistance
The coating powders of the IGP-DURA®face 5807 series provide all advantages of the modern paint surface properties: flawless appearance, moisture and UV resistance and also excellent surface robustness. The significantly improved resistance of the innovative coating film ensures that the product surface is more resistant against abrasive or linear damage (multiple scratches). Transport damage caused by wear as well as cleaning marks are minimised.


Special tests, such as the Martindale test prove the difference.
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