The chain has joined the "Good Fitting" campaign!


Our chain has joined the partners of educational campaign "Good Fitting". The 4th edition of the campaign has started today. The originator of this idea was the Polish Windows and Doors Association.

The most important goals of the campaign are education and to make the private investors aware of the importance of correct fitting of joinery. Those objectives are also very important in the program, we could not miss the opportunity of joining the partnersof the "Good Fitting" campaign.

The actions undertaken as a part of "Good Fitting" are directed towards two objectives: promoting the profession of joinery fitter and spreading good practice in fitting. One of the initiatives planned in order to fulfil those goals during the campaign is the project of care or supervision over classes in vocational secondary schools. This project has been implemented since 2016 in schools in Białystok, Bytom, Poznań and in this year's edition in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.

The message guiding the "Good Fitting" campaign is summed up in one simple sentence: "Selection of a good product is just as important as good fitting ".