Panel door hinges

Selecting the doors to our dream house we need to consider many aspects related to the design of the doors. One of basic decisions we need to make concerns selection of door hinges. In this case it's worth to consider the leading supplier of door fittings, WALA, a company that offers , among others, surface hinges and roller hinges with CE strength class 14.

Panel doors offered by are available with:

- WALA surface hinges - to guarantee easy assembly and adjustment in three directions without having to remove the door leaf. The hinges are available in two-part or three-part version. The construction and diversity of designs make the hinges not only durable, but also very aesthetic.

- WALA roller hinges - the style of roller hinges relates to the newest trends in architecture. They allow for easy and independent adjustment in three axes. The scope of adjustment includes: height, gap, and seal tightness. This solution is perfect for individual buildings and for displays.

- hidden hinges - a combination of durable design with subtle and light invisible elements of the fitting. The hinge is composed of frame part and sash part, allowing for easy fitting and removing of the sash.