Roto Safe C600 Lock

Multi-point locks Roto Safe C600 lock the doors simultaneously with several bolts. The lock consists of the main lock, additional locking points, so-called power wedges and frame components to anchor the power wedges.

The power wedges are a solution for exceptionally demanding customers, as this lock has got two locking elements. The more locking points, the better pressure on the doors and better adherence of the doors to the door frame. Therefore, the tightness and security level of the doors increases.

A robust lock with 5 locking points increases adherence even with slightly warped door (max 3m height). The lock casing of the main lock is made of polyamide reinforced with glass fibre and that makes the casing very resistant to deformations or impact. The main lock bolt located in such a casing is safeguarded against retracting with the very first turn of the key. Another advantage of this lock is a very quiet latch.