Brackets and handles

Brackets and handles match the modern design of the doors. All doors are, as a standard, equipped with a handle and outside door pull made by Wala. It is possible to create individual combination of equipment. Additional models of handles and door pulls are available on demand.  The length of the door pull depends on the customers' individual needs, minimal length is 40 cm, and maximal length is 200 cm. The difference between consecutive available lengths is 10 cm (i.e. available lengths are: 40 cm, 50 cm, 60cm, etc.).

The door pulls presented below are only a part of all models available at The complete offer of door pulls and our offer of solutions for automatic opening and closing are available in Authorised Point of sales and at WALA website.

Q10 with
fingerprint reader
Q10B Q10X Q45RX Q45X
QS with
fingerprint reader
Q45X Q45X P10B P45B


The alternative to traditional door pulls are smart and minimalistic pocket doors handles by WALA assembled in aluminium panel doors. Depending on the requirements of private investors they are available in various shapes and colours. It is also possible to install backlight.


K1-155x550 K1-210x550 K1-200x200 K1-250x150
K3-200x200 K4-250x200 K4-250x200 K5-200


Handle - door knob on long escutcheon Handle - door knob short Handle H1
Handle H1 short Handle H2 Handle H2 short