All-glass balustrade


Whenever it is necessary to protect people against falling out of balconies or terraces, we recommend using a balustrade. Current architectural trends enhance larger and larger glazing and this trend is also reflected in balustrades designed for terraces located on higher floors of the buildings.

The chain offers an all-glass balustrade to private investors. The balustrade is constructed on the basis of the Yawal BA 50 system and it protects the users against falling without limiting the contact with the environment. The balustrades can be installed at any preferred angle, depending on the type of building development.

The solution offered by the chain meets the current architectural trends due to endless possibilities of colour selection and using freely transparent and non-transparent glazing in system solution of aluminium profiles. The construction and the method of anchoring of the balustrade make this solution easy to adapt to existing constructions of balconies or terraces.


Colour scheme: Production of profiles in all colours of the RAL palette is possible.
Additional options: anodizing, wood imitation, painting with structural paint.