Window shutters based on Eclipse 33


Shutters can add a beautiful and functional finish to every window. Chosen to match the facade and Windows, they will highlight the individual style of every house.

External window shutters increase comfort by regulating air circulation, sun exposure, and temperature inside the rooms and by limiting the amount of noise which reaches the house. They also protect windows from harsh weather conditions and make it difficult for intruders to break into the house.

Aluminium shutters can last many years, are easy to clean, and there is no need for regular maintenance. They are an alternative for more expensive wooden shutters which are available on the market. Stiff and at the same time slender frame profiles make Yawal Eclipse shutters suitable for windows, terraces and balcony doors.

Yawal engineers have designed two types of shutters:
- with fixed fins allowing access of light at a certain angle,
- panel shutters, which upon closure achieve absolute darkness.

A rich offer of hinges and fittings allows the installation of shutters to window frames and to the wall. Closed shutters may constitute one plane with a facade, stand out, or be placed in a window cavity.

Maximum dimensions of 1 leaf 900x2400 mm
Installation method with fixed fins to frame, to wall
Installation method of a panel shutter to the wall

Colour scheme: Production of profiles in all colours of the RAL palette is possible.
Additional options: anodizing, wood imitation, painting with structural paint.