Softline window sills


Installation of windows does not constitute the end of our work, it is necessary to install external windowsills, which will protect the facade of the house against weeping  and moistureThe Softline sills are a light and elegant solution to this problem. Rounded shape provides good draining of water outside facade surface and prevents dirt accumulation.

Aluminium alloys used to manufacture window sills allow for using various structures, colours and painting effects, e.g. wood-like patterns. Such selection of colours enhances matching elements' appearance to the facade, windows, surroundings and architectural style of the building. Additionally, the sills are covered with polyethylene foil to protect the decorative surface against damages. The width is selected to match the needs of the customers.

Softline window sills, made of aluminium, are very rigid and resistant to corrosion. They are also easy to clean. An addition to this solution are the finishing elements, and the shape of fixing element matches each type of windows made of plastic, wood or aluminium so that it doesn't block draining openings. The endings of the sills are made of plastic material or prefabricated aluminium.

To obtain better thermal properties the Authorised Fitters of the chain recommend using the warm sills.

 Thickness from 1 to 1,8 mm
 Length 1000 - 6000 mm 
 Width 150 mm; 175 mm; 200 mm; 225 mm; 250 mm;
275 mm; 300 mm; 325 mm; 350 mm
 Finish plastic/aluminium

Colour scheme: Production of profiles in all colours of the RAL palette is possible.
Additional options: anodizing, wood imitation, painting with structural paint.