Accordion doors

Any room can be divided into zones very easily - by means of accordion doors based on Yawal TM 74HI system.

The accordion doors are available in two arrangements:

#1 The first available option is created by combining a tilt and turn leaf and two or more leaves that will create an accordion fold when slid to one side. Such construction of the accordion doors allow for opening of the turn leaf, thus providing a passage without the necessity to spread the folded part.

#2 The second available option gives the possibility of sliding all door leaves to one side to get a maximum possible passage opening.

Independently of selected opening arrangement, the smallest possible construction of the accordion doors is composed of three leaves, the largest option is six leaves. Additionally, maximal dimensions of the construction are 6000x2500 mm (length x height). The folded parts of the doors move on the guides located in a threshold. To avoid creating barriers in your space we recommend using a low threshold option.