Electric drive

Electronic drive Roto E-Tec Drive automatically controls opening and closing of the windows.

The window sash can be opened up to 12 cm, closed and relocked noiselessly. All  those functions are controlled either by a wall switch or by means of a remote control system.

The remote control allows for programming precisely the time of window opening and closing. It is also possible to combine the system with air humidity sensors located in the room that will tilt or close the window, based on their readings. The timer allows for setting certain hours during the day, when the window is opened, and then closed and locked. Similar function is possible for weather sensors - certain values of humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide can be set. Apart from timer and thermometer, also wind and rain sensors can be integrated in the control system to increase the safety of inhabitants.

The drive, integrated in the housing of fittings indivisible form the inside and from the outside, so it does not interfere with the aesthetics of the window. This solution is dedicated for very humid rooms, such as bathrooms, but it also works for windows that are inaccessible or hardly accessible, for example in the staircases.