Hinges - terrace doors

Fittings for overhead sliding door – HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS

Flexible overhead sliding system for custom made solutions lifts and slides accurately both, standard elements and large - dimensioned elements that weigh as much as 330 kg (or even 440 kg in tandem option). The HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS fittings technology meets the modern requirements posed energy effectiveness due to application of threshold solution providing high thermal insulation.

The advantage of HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS solution is extremely quiet operation that guarantees comfort to the users.

Hs fittings allow for uninterrupted view and great perspective. Due to exceptional load capacity - even 13 meters width - HAUTAU ATRIUM HS system provides a wide opening of over 6,5 meters thus eliminating the problem of interfering with the view of fixed posts in  the passage

For many years of comfort operation.

Carriages of the HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS system are protected against corrosion and equipped with cleaning brushes. As a result, the guideway is automatically cleaned during the sliding movement.
The rollers are protected against dirt and long-term damages. During opening and closing the overhead -- sliding fitting ATRIUM® HS uses lever force in espagnolettes and carriages in an optimal way.

The system of fittings for terrace doors allows for application of technologically advanced solutions, among others electric overhead sliding drive. Should you need further information about smart automatic solutions, please enquire at the Authorised Point of sales of the chain.