Photovoltaic all-glass railings

Modern architecture may be a target in reduction of energy consumption. Using renewable energy sources is considered to be one of essential issues in construction industry. Specialists, following the trends of the modern world, constantly work on renewable energy sources. Ecological solutions are also implemented in the designed technologies.

All-glass photovoltaic balustrades have the ability to convert solar energy into electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells. This multi - functional product meets all modern requirements of architectural standards concerning design and manufacturing. During the designing process of connections of photovoltaic cells with the building, the most crucial is exposing panels directly to the sunlight.

BA PV photovoltaic balustrade combines good aesthetics and technical advantages of photovoltaic solutions. The installation is exceptionally quick and easy. The construction is composed of a special profile anchored in the balcony floor and glazing with integrated photovoltaic element. The glazing is manufactured as transparent or non-transparent (PV), as needed. This attractive all-glass balustrade is very light and seems to have no vertical aluminium connecting elements. Its top part may have additional coping - a hand rail. The base profile serves as housing for cabling. Our new solution complements any building's architecture perfectly.