Smart house

Smart house is not a concept of the future, modern technology has made it commonly available at present time!

Practically speaking, a smart house means integration of many processes, among others: lightening, heating, air conditioning and ventilation as well as monitoring, not to mention facilities for disabled persons or system increasing safety of our children. In other words, it is a network hidden in the walls of our house and entangling it: a network of cables and a wireless network that increase our comfort, but most importantly, they optimise use of available resources.

Many people would think that this kind of solutions are an unnecessary expense, but considering the always increasing costs of energy and popularisation of technology (which results in decrease of prices of such systems) make investment in smart house systems simply profitable.

Our chain offers installation of various solutions comprising the idea of a smart house, among others:

rain and wind detectors to close the windows and doors automatically, weather module combined with a weather station   biometric set for installation on the door, providing fingerprintaccess
air quality detector connected to a window, responsible for airing of the room        automatic LED system for lightening
magnetic contact mounted between the frame and the sash enabling connection to the domestic alarm system   a set with code keyboard to protect the house against entry of an intruder
application to program timer for opening and closing of doors and windows   backlight of the house number
movement detectors protecting the terrace doors from uncontrolled closing   movement detectors in the exit area, proximity detectors
change of glass pane transparency   remote opening with a smart phone; automatic door lock function
electronic door viewer, composed of a mini-camera and LCD screen; a smart phone integrated into the weather system    
  electronic door viewer, composed of a mini-camera and LCD screen; a smart phone integrated into the doors